sexta-feira, 6 de novembro de 2009

Estoril Film Festival - A Moment with Juliette Binoche

Hello Juliette! First of all I would like to thank your sister and you for being here with us. You are beautiful! Thank you for letting us share with you the extraordinary film we have just seen and letting us in a little bit into your life.

Being so near to an actress like you makes me feel like a little boy again. Back to the time I thought it would be impossible to be so near someone who seemed that only existed in the screen. It is really a miracle! It really releases me and makes me feel alive, like anything is possible, as you say. So, thank you again.

The fact is that I am also in the same line of business as you and the previous question maker...yes. I am a lawyer! As you know, lawyers do a a lot of ly...I mean, acting as well. The law business can also be very challenging as a form of body and language means of expression. So I really identified myself with many of the things that have been said here today.

No,but really, my question to you is: have you ever been so tired, or so fed up that you have wanted to leave it all? You said that you knew since that play you directed in school that you wanted to be in the theatre. You also said in the movie that 3 months before the Oscar you won you were going through a difficult period, where you were "lost" for a while.

Did you ever feel that you had taken the wrong path after all? How did you deal with that and where did you find the energy, motivation, strength, the courage and the inner power to believe in yourself? How did you know, if you did know at all, that what you were doing and the life you chose was the one you still wanted? Or is it true that you don't know and that at the end of the day you have to follow your instinct?


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